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Integrated logistics

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Speedy, Steady, and Saving! Integrated multi-modal transportation system for fast and reliable delivery. Integrated logistics

Transportation planned for the fastest and most reliable delivery to meet all conceivable transportation needs - domestic, foreign-bound, dangerous substances, etc.

HAKATA UNYU has developed a multi-modal distribution service system to deliver freight rapidly and reliably using various transportation modes including rail, road (truck), air, and sea
We also have the capacity to store goods in warehouses to meet a consignor's requests and transportation conditions. We can transport various domestic, foreign-bound, and dangerous freights with the shortest lead times.

  • Rail transport
  • Trucking
  • Shipping
  • Air cargo
  • Warehouse

Land, sea, and air distribution networks link various areas of Japan and around the world.

We are based in an area near the Port of Hakata and Fukuoka International Airport, which is the site of the Sea and Rail project due to its smooth links with rail transportation. This ideal location is a strength of HAKATA UNYU.
We have developed an integrated land, sea, and air transportation system using our networks linking this advantageous location with other areas in Japan, as well as our experience and expertise.

HAKATA UNYU’s activity concept

Transporting goods smoothly. Transporting people energetically. Transporting freight speedily and efficiently by combining various transportation modes dynamically. We want to contribute to society by supporting businesses through these activities.
To achieve this goal HAKATA UNYU has proposed the new Dynamode concept.
We are committed to meeting various needs by applying the Dynamode concept in the world of distribution