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Fukuoka Cargo Terminal Office


The warehouse is operated with the largest freight station in Kyushu (Fukuoka Terminal Station) as a base for handling freight. In cooperation with transportation businesses in various areas of Japan, we have developed a door-to-door transportation system using an environmentally friendly modal shift. We also aim to achieve a Sea and Rail transportation system targeting not only the Kyushu area, but also all of East Asia, and provide integrated transportation.


Transportation business

The Fukuoka Freight Terminal Office is the base for our rail transportation business. It is the linchpin of our rail container transportation services linking Fukuoka and Kyushu to other areas in Japan.
Freight is collected from the City of Fukuoka and surrounding areas to the office, and transported by JR container trains to various areas in Japan. The office also collectively manages containers transported from all over Japan, to reload freight onto trucks and deliver to the customer’s doorstep. The result is our Door-to-Door transportation service.

Kinds of vehicle